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September 24, 2008

Where to find information on National Allocation Plans, Carbon EU ETS

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I found it to pretty hard to find out organized details for the National Allocation Plan (NAP) for individual European countries that are participating in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).  One can go to the European Commission website that has all the individual national allocation plans. But these are hard to read through, and in at least one case, Germany, incomplete (Germany’s attachment that lists installations and allocations is not listed).

NAPII refers to National Allocation Plans for what is considered Phase II, which runs from 2008-2012.

This note is just to say that I have a pretty extensive bibliography on National Allocation Plans, with reference to many articles in Climate Policy (mostly 2006).

And also, I want to point you towards

I have the version that has “Last Update: 23 Jan 2007”.

If you are working on National Allocation Plans and want my bibliography (which is disorganized, hence me not posting it), please let me know. Also happy to hear about anyone working in this.




The European Emissions Trading Scheme began operation in 2005 and trades carbon credits for about 1/2 of the emissions from industry. It covers several sectors, most notably electricity generation. A full list of covered industries are in Annex I of the EU directive on emissions trading.

National Allocation Plan


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