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March 11, 2009

Data sources for Residential Energy/Electricity Data in California

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Perhaps no task is more vexing than doing a data search.

I’ve done a pretty thorough data search, over a several year period, with probably about 80 hours of work in here. The topic is residential energy/electricity data.

I’ve published this as a Google Document. You can access this document here:
(you shouldn’t have to login, let me know if this doesn’t work)

Also, please tell me of any errors.

Better yet, fix the errors yourself…

You can edit the document. Make corrections. Or add more entries. Please do update it. All changes are tracked, so I can easily remove them or edit them.

To edit, click the “Edit this page” link at the bottom of the google docs link. If you hit edit, it will probably also allow you to import this into Excel/Numbers/whatever so you can print it prettily.


Here is a list of the data sources I look at, included here for keyword purposes:

Provider Data description
CA-ISO Total system load, transmission information, and load in regions(?)
CEMS Plants level generation
EIA Form 411 data of monthly loads
EIA Form 826 – monthly electic sales and revenue
EIA Form 861 – Annual Electric Power Industry Report
EIA Form 860 – Annual Electric Generator Report
EIA SEDS – State Energy Data System
RECS Residential Energy Consumption Survey
Census Household section of census
Utilities Billing Data
Utilities Billing Data
Metroscan, county assessor’s offices Building Data
RAND Building Housing Construction Permits
FERC Form 1
FERC Form Other Forms
RASS Residential Appliance Saturation Survey (2004?), data collection for 2009 survey just started
AHS American Housing Survey
BEDB Building Energy Data Book
BLS Consumer Expenditures Survey


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